Pandora FMS Enterprise

On Premise Monitoring Solution , Network Monitoring , Server Monitoring

What is Pandora FMS Enterprise?

Pandora FMS is a complete suite of applications for monitoring your company’s technology. You can’t avoid unforeseen upsets but you can stop them from ever happening again. Get real-time feedback on all your company’s critical IT assets with Pandora FMS

Application monitoring

Pandora FMS features complete and detailed performance metrics on over 200 applications: Oracle, Exchange, IIS, MS SQL Server, MongoDB, DB2, Active Directory, Apache and more. We support all community plugins and there are Enterprise plugins available for monitoring the most frequently-used Enterprise technologies.

Service level monitoring

Identify how service performance is affected by your underlying infrastructure. Locate any elements that may be contributing to incomplete service, and measure them in real time or with scheduled SLA reports. Use the Service Map function to define your services topology.

Ideal for MSPs

Pandora FMS Enterprise provides MSPs the ability to offer their clients service monitoring from any point in the infrastructure. The new version allows various operational layers; on one hand, system administration can be delegated to the client, maintaining critical infrastructural elements protected, and on the other hand, allowing 24×7 operations to be carried out on your client’s monitored infrastructure, and offer specific displays and reports on selected infrastructure components, allowing all your clients to view the information they need in the most optimal way possible.

How does it work?

The MSPE version is based on the Metaconsole, a component designed to operate with large volumes of end points (or agents). The MSPE license is included in the Pandora FMS Enterprise license for over 2000 agents, otherwise two licenses are necessary: the Enterprise license and an additional MSPE license. The MSPE license is usually operated in tandem with another Pandora FMS instance, each with their own Enterprise license.

Apart from Pandora FMS’s numerous functions, we also offer specific training programs for SaaS/MSP environments (PAD & PASP programs), as well as other professional services which allow the user to carry out the initial deployment and configuration in record time, optimizing performance.