IT Consulting

Through DataGuard, we methodically evaluate our customer’s existing infrastructure comprising of hardware, software, data, security and network to help them to develop productive, profitable, scalable and affordable business solutions.

DataGuard IT Consulting Services

• Deliver tailored solutions ideal to your goals and requirements, giving you a competitive edge in the industry • Help you optimize key business processes to boost productivity and maximize savings
• Analyze your current infrastructure and delivery landscape to identify areas where further cost efficiencies can be created
• Reduce IT complexity
• Create a road map for change
• Identify opportunities to improve overall efficiency

Professional Services

DataGuard is one of the leading professional services providers in the region, with specialized certified experts and years of hands-on experience. Our experts can provide you with a standard or tailored turnkey implementation services such as staging, integration, installation, configuration, upgrade, and support.

Customer Support

With our customer centric approach, you can be rest assured that you will get the highest level of support 24x7. We provide Email, Phone, Remote, and On-Site Support, with each different level of support personnel has a dedicated team of individuals who can help you whenever needed.

Annual Maintenance Contract

Our Annual maintenance services are designed to protect your business interests, making sure your networks and IT equipment give optimal performance all the time. Moreover, our services are fully customizable – and we can create a support plan just as required by our clients.

Preventive Maintenance Health Checks

The primary goal of our Preventive maintenance Health Check is to avoid or mitigate the consequences of failure of equipment. Why wait for an incident or failure to happen when you can predict it, be prepared and solve it, before it ever occurs. We ensure that your business services, servers and applications are fully maintained an in a satisfactory operating condition by providing inspection, detection, and correction of incipient failures either before they occur or before they develop into major defects.

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