File Audit - Real Time File/Folder Monitoring Solution

Addressing a key gap in native Windows security, FileAudit makes monitoring, auditing and securing fi les and folders intuitive and easy. Protect your most sensitive fi les and confi dential information stored on Windows servers..

The challenge Increasing mobility and remote working trends can make it challenging for IT to protect sensitive data and ensure compliance with industry regulations. Manually monitoring and auditing fi le access (and access attempts) across Windows Servers is time-consuming and overwhelming. The solution With a simple, agentless deployment, IT managers can quickly install FileAudit and instantly protect all fi le servers in their Windows environment without intrusion or the typical cost and eff ort of installation and maintenance on individual servers. Users can be up and running with FileAudit and monitoring, archiving and reporting on fi le access in less than three minutes. Its touch-ready user interface is compromised of “live tiles” which link to the solution’s features and update in real-time. It makes auditing faster, smarter and more effi cient – regardless of whether users are working on PCs, laptops or tablets.

File and Folder Real-Time Activity Monitoring FileAudit constantly examines and records read/write/delete access (or access attempts), fi le ownership changes and permission modifi cations, so IT or management can immediately address any inappropriate accesses. Customized File Server Intelligence Ensure security with interactive at-a-glance access reports of everything that’s happening with audited data. Provide specifi ed recipients with regular email delivery of reports customized according to multiple criteria (e.g. path, fi le type, access type) for auditing and regulatory compliance. Automatic Email Alerts to File and Folder Activity Receive automatic email alerts triggered by predetermined access events (e.g. access denied, fi le deletion, specifi c user or fi le access, etc.) Centralization, Recording and Long-Term Archiving Centralize and archive all fi le access events occurring on one or several Windows systems to generate an always-available, searchable and secure audit trail. Ease of use and user-specifi c rights management Create specifi c accounts for people with no administrative rights (external auditors, non-IT executives, etc.), allowing them to perform audits securely and autonomously.

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