Double Take DRaaS

DRAAS Offer High Uptime, Reliable Backup, and Monthly Pricing. Are you using a dependable HA/DR solution, created specifically for the Cloud? High Availability and Disaster Recovery are the key benefits of Cloud Services, but outdated HA/DR solutions can put companies at extreme risk.

The Problem with Existing HA/DR Solutions

The available HA/DR solutions are heavy on resources, difficult to implement, and rely on primitive technology. They expose the user to data loss, slow speeds,, high downtime, and hefty upfront investments in licensing and infrastructure. But you need a solution that comes with perpetual uptime, dependable backup and disaster recovery, automatic activation, easy management, and pay-as-you-go pricing.

Near-Zero Downtime at Zero Capex

Double Take Cloud Protection and Recovery provides low-risk, near-zero downtime DR-as-a-Service (DRaaS) for organizations of all sizes. Its usage-based pricing and compliance with SLAs and RPO/RTO guidelines make it just the solution the market needs today.

Next Generation HA/DR Technology

Double Take software moves workloads to and from any combination of physical, virtual or Cloud servers in real time. That means providers can have any infrastructure they want and still have a reliable means of keeping your business running, no matter what.

Simple, Dependable, Measurable

With the infrastructure agnostic Double Take solutions, providers can offer customers cutting-edge High Availability and Disaster Recovery and benefit from automated activation, usage metering and usage reporting.

HA/DR for Physical, Virtual and Cloud Servers

Vision Solutions’ High Availability and Disaster Recovery products have been trusted for over two decades to protect businesses around the globe from the costs and consequences of downtime and data loss. Whether your business faces regulatory compliance issues, stringent service level agreements, or exploding volumes of data, Vision has a solution for your platform and your budget.

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